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Proud Scotland Awards

The new Proud Scotland Awards have been created to celebrate the LGBTI community by recognising the outstanding work and commitment of individuals and organisations within and supportive of our communities throughout Scotland.

The inaugural gala event will take place at the Hilton Glasgow on Saturday 1st June and we are delighted to announce that one of our board members has received a nomination.

PC Ross Jackson our events co-ordinator joins a glittering list of nominees; including politicians, comedians, journalists, celebrities, sports stars, entertainers and inspirational figures along with a variety of businesses in being the very first recipients nominated for their outstanding work throughout the past year.

Ross, who has been nominated for The Frontline Award, an award that recognises an individual within the public sector, emergency services or armed forces who has made an exceptional contribution over the last year, said, “I am very honoured to be considered for this award and I was shocked when I heard the news.  Working with the LGBTI community is very important to me and is extremely rewarding whether its engaging with LGBTI young people or being the initial contact for a serious crime.

"Unfortunately there are still barriers between LGBTI people and the police, however, by continuing positive engagement through my work in Greater Glasgow and as a board member of the Scottish LGBTI Police Association we can help breakdown these barriers and have positive relations with all LGBTI communities".

Association member PC Ross Jackson nominated

CLICK HERE for a full list of the nominees, award categories and further information on how you can get your tickets for what promises to be a special occasion.

May we wish Ross all the very best for the upcoming awards and we hope to provide you with a winning update after the awards ceremony.


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