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The Scottish LGBTI Police Association is an independent membership-based staff support network for LGBTI police officers and staff working in Scotland and those who support us regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Association is the direct descendant of the Gay Police Association founded in 1990. We are, and always will remain, an independent police staff association. You can learn more about our history here


Our Association was set up to represent the needs and interests of LGBTI police officers and staff in Scotland. We are officially recognised as such by the Scottish Government, Scottish Police Authority, Police Scotland and UK-wide police forces including British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary as well as statutory police staff associations and trade unions. 


The Association is a member of the European LGBT Police Association and we have a Memorandum Of Understanding with the LGBT Police Network of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 



Our Vision: Advance LGBTI equality, inclusion and support throughout policing in Scotland and within the communities we serve. 
Objectives: The Association aims to deliver the Vision by focusing on the following key areas:


Raise the profile of LGBTI police officers and staff, their issues and the work of the Association

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