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8th Biennial European LGBT Police Conference - Paris

Delegates attend Civic Reception hosted by the Mayor of Paris

The European LGBT Police Association (EGPA) held its latest conference in Paris, France between 27th - 29th of June with delegates also participating in the Paris Pride march on 30th.

Over 180 delegates representing 17 EGPA member organisations and nations of Europe were present. The conference was organised on behalf of the EGPA by FLAG! the French LGBT Police Association. Five Board members of the Scottish LGBTI Police Association attended representing Scotland and the Association.

The main theme of the conference this year was "hate crimes against LGBT people" and what police forces, law enforcement agencies and the wider criminal justice sector are doing to tackle these crimes and support victims. There was a focus on the efforts and improvements made in France in recent years and the challenges we all still face. That is especially true of many parts of Europe where there is little or no legislative protection for LGBT people and where discrimination still exists within society and institutions.

The EGPA helps to support and facilitate cooperation between LGBT Police Associations as well as encourage and assist the creation of new networks in countries where they don't exist. This has resulted in a new Association being set up in Greece recently and Serbia joining the EGPA.

There was also a welcome and significant emphasis on Trans issues both in terms of Trans police staff and improving service delivery for Trans members of the public.

Delegates were also honoured to attend the Memory ceremony and wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe remembering all the LGBT service personnel who died during both World Wars and the victims of Nazi persecution.

Our Board members attending the Memorial Service and wearing the bleuet de France (equivalent of the poppy)


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