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Coming Oot - A Pride Month Poem

As part of Pride month, one of our divisional reps was approached by a poet wishing to produce something a little bit different. Below is the finished product and we think its great! Thank you so much for this piece.


Lone piper, under a blue sky.
He’s played the pipes fae he wiz jist a wee guy.
He tells himsel that before this days by,
He’s coming oot.

Piping “Scotland the Brave” and “Rowan Tree”,
He tells himsel what’ll be will be.
He’s coming oot.

Off duty, he strums on his guitar.
The words of “Caledonia” echo round the bar.
He’s found his voice,
He’s shining like a star,
He’s coming oot.

Beltin oot his favourite song
Everybody sings along,

(I don’t know if you can see,
The changes that have come over me)

Raising glasses,
Raising voices,
This is it.
His life.
His choices.

(And these last few days I’ve been afraid,
I might drift away)

Nae need tae tell his best pal,
He aaready kens.
Wan straight.
Wan gay.
Baith fine young men.
He’s coming oot.

(telling old stories, singing old songs
That make me think about where I came from)

Mammy reaches for her phone, she hears a text ping,
It’s fae her boy, it makes her heart sing.
He’s coming oot.

(let me tell you that I love you)

Grampa pats him on the back,
“Stey safe son”,
He’s coming oot.

(and I think about you all the time)

Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?”
He types in words, emoji’s,
Reads it twenty times.
He kens that real life can’t rewind.
He presses post.
He’s coming oot.

(Caledonia you’re calling me)

He’s found himsel a guid man,
Met on twitter and on Instagram,
Lips brush, walking hand in hand,
He’s coming oot.

(and now, I’m going home)

Back hame,
He makes him tea,
He likes it sweet.
They coorie in, enjoy the heat,
He’s coming oot.

(and if I should become a stranger,
It would make me more than sad)

He’s piped fir the auld yins in the care homes,
He’s piped for the nurses who were careworn,
He’s piped in the haggis, piped at Highland Games,
He’s piped for Burns, who said that aa folk are the same.
He’s coming oot.


He’s piped for days of auld lang syne,
For the auld folk and the young.
He pipes for here and now,
And for days that have yet to come.
He’s coming oot.

(Has been everything I’ve ever had).

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