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Pride Planning for 2018

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

LGBTI Pride is the annual festival for and by the LGBTI community. Pride events take place across the globe usually from May until September. For many it is a time of celebration and has a carnival atmosphere. Historically, Pride had it roots as a protest movement staging rallies and parades campaigning for LGBTI equality and societal change. The latter remains an important aspect of Pride especially in countries where LGBTI rights still have a long way to go. Indeed there are many places where Pride events are banned or met with hostility.

As equal members of the LGBTI community, our Association won the right back in 2003 for our members to take part in Pride as Police Officers and Staff (i.e. in our uniform). It was important for us to 'come out' to the public and demonstrate that we exist as proud members of the LGBTI community and as police officers.

Last year, 75 members and allies joined us for Pride Glasgow, our largest ever turnout.

This year (2018) will see Scotland host 10 Pride events and we will be there in support of as many as possible, in particular the new Pride events.

We can only do this with your support. If you would like to 'get involved' in our Pride planning please contact us via the contact page.


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