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Association Re-launch

On 16th February, to mark LGBT History Month, GPA Scotland will officially re-launch as the Scottish LGBTI Police Association within the magnificent Glasgow City Chambers

Our Association has a long and proud history spanning 27 years. You can find out more about our history here. At our AGM in 2016, members took part in an exercise in order to review how the Association was structured, the Aims and Objectives, what could be improved and examine ways to encourage membership engagement and inclusion.

AGM 2016 - Association Review Exercise

Following the 2016 AGM, a number of recommendations came to light which would form the basis for a "Re-structuring Strategy". Following 12 months of discussion within the Executive Committee, the Strategy became a proposal which was passed at the 2017 AGM.

This is far more than simply a name change and re-branding. A new General Board will replace the former Executive Committee. The Association will now include Transgender and Intersex as well as LGB. The Aims and Objectives have been replaced with a simple Mission Statement backed up with key priorities. There will be a new focus on localism with the creation of Local Coordinators. We will retain important aspects including our independence and remain an association of members.


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