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LGBT History Month - Marcus Evans - SPA Chair

I have been following with interest and admiration the input from people across policing and beyond who have shared their stories and aspirations to mark this year’s #LGBTHM22.  


The wealth of resources, moving human interest stories and reflections on where we are now compared to previous years and decades have been challenging to read but also inspirational. It is amazing what the individuals and groups can and do achieve in the face of adversity. 


Creating a safe, welcoming and supportive space for the LGBT community is essential if we are to build a policing workforce that is truly representative of the communities we serve. Each one of us has a duty and role to play in creating an atmosphere and culture where everyone can come to work and be ourselves, without judgement or fear. The benefits internally and externally cannot be understated and I have no doubt that our support for and service to the communities we serve will be strengthened.


Looking back and celebrating progress is an important element of LGBT History Month, but so too is acknowledging that prejudice and barriers remain and that the global campaign for equality and acceptance continues. Notwithstanding that, I am heartened that we are seeing greater celebration of the need and benefit for diversity, inclusion and equality – and not just in policing but across society.


Thank you especially to the Scottish LGBTI Police Association who have worked tirelessly to compile and promote a suite of information, blogs and events to mark this year’s celebration.

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